About Van Bilsen FMS

Van Bilsen FMS stand for ’Flexible Manufacturing System’. The 24-hour production capacity of this automated system brings about low stock levels, enables rapid response and requires practically zero setting and adjustment times. The company is part of the Van Bilsen Group, a group of companies with more than 35 years experience in the metal industry.

Van Bilsen FMS ties in seamlessly with practically every JIT requirement. The system undertakes complex milling tasks on a wide range of products in regular batches of 10 to 200 units per week, for clients in the automotive, agricultural, truck , heating and meat-processing industries.

The customers of Van Bilsen FMS are businesses with a relatively constant production demand, capable of successfully planning their expected purchasing levels, and that aim to avoid building up high stock levels. Thanks to FMS, relatively small weekly production runs can be produced at a price normally reserved for large series.

Cooperation with Van Bilsen FMS relies mainly on combining the weekly production requirements with the automated FMS cycle. As a rule, the customer’s weekly production requirements are scheduled four weeks in advance of each production week.

Production based on the automated FMS system reduces the need for human interaction. Nonetheless, Van Bilsen FMS likes to meet its stakeholders face to face, to guarantee that the overall process runs as smoothly as possible.

Van Bilsen FMS

’Flexible Manufacturing System’ voor JIT-levering

Kleinere productievolume’s tegen lagere kosten

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