About the Van Bilsen Group

The aim of the Van Bilsen Group is to maintain a stable metalworking and assembly business with guaranteed long-term continuity for and together with its clients, employees, suppliers and shareholders.

Continuity is guaranteed by spreading risks in terms of:
- processes: numbers, precision, scope
- contract terms
- clients
- sectors
- sales markets
- production centres
- automation
- knowledge and experience of employees
- quality

For decades we have succeeded in guaranteeing continuity by constantly achieving the following targets.

Stable profitability
No profit means no continuity; against that background, making a profit is a primary business objective.

Stable cash flow
A stable cash flow is essential to permit longer-term investments in people and (production) equipment.

Balanced distribution of results
The Van Bilsen Group achieves a balanced distribution of its results in terms of geographical markets, market segments and customers with a view to restricting dependence on a specific market or customer, and hence spreading the risks in order to ensure business continuity. One target in this respect is ensuring that no single client represents more than 20% of the total added value (turnover -/- purchasing) of the Van Bilsen Group.

Solid balance sheet ratios
To successfully implement the selected strategy, solid balance sheet ratios are essential. Our financial targets are:
1. equity capital of at least 40% of the balance sheet total (31-12-2011: 52%)
2. a current ratio (stocks+accounts receivable+ liquid assets/short-term debts of at least 1.3 (31-12-2011: 1.6)
3. an interest cover ratio (EBITDA / interest burden) of at least 5 (31-12-2011: 5.4)
4. a gearing (net bank debt/ equity capital) of not more than 1 (31-12-2011: 0.5)

The Van Bilsen Group consists of two businesses that have operated individually for years. In Ermelo and the surrounding area, Van Bilsen metaalindustrie was a household name in metalworking for more than 30 years. When Joop van Bilsen founded the business on his own in 1975, no one could have predicted how big his business would grow, to become a magnificent company with an extensive, modern fleet of machinery, and a team of more than 60 employees.

VBG Roermond underwent similar developments in the Roermond area, where more than 20 years ago Anton van Tuijl founded his metalworking business. This company too has become a European player in the heavy-lifting and pre-stressed concrete market. In 2007, the Van Tuijl family sold their business to Enerpac, and in 2009, VBG Roermond was fully absorbed into the Van Bilsen Group.

The Van Bilsen Group operates two brands: Van Bilsen and VBG.
- Van Bilsen: Van Bilsen metaalindustrie, Van Bilsen FMS and Van Bilsen Assemblage
- VBG: VBG International

The credo of both brands is to contribute ideas and to maintain close involvement with their customers, with a view to securing top quality. Van Bilsen operates at ISO-TS level and VBG at ISO level.

Van Bilsen focuses primarily on long-term, regularly-recurring complex machine processes, with a high degree of automation and quality control. These together deliver solid added value for group’s customers.

VBG focuses mainly on project-related product machining processes with a greater emphasis on speed of delivery, and in which craftsmanship and flexibility generate the greatest added value for the customer.

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