Van Bilsen Group: Customers

The Bilsen Group has a broad customer base. The graph below shows the spread in terms of added value (turnover -/- purchasing) among our customers, for the whole of 2011.

Customer spread at Van Bilsen Group based on added value 2011
Toegevoegde waarde Van Bilsen Groep 2011

It should be pointed out in this connection that a single foundry can operate for up to six end customers. In other words, the spread in end customer numbers is greater than revealed by this graph.

Our aim at the Van Bilsen Group is to thoroughly understand the needs and nature of our customers. The better the relationship, the smoother the cooperation.

We aim to achieve our goals through:

1. Involving our customers as early as possible in the (engineering) process. We can offer machining tips to save money in the metalworking process.

2. A customer team that offers our customers fixed points of contact from various divisions of our business. Internally, all the departments are involved in meeting the customer’s wishes. As a result, we focus not only on internal issues but also take the wishes and needs of the customer into account.

3. Maintaining regular contact with our customers on strategic issues. In other words, not only discussing actual production but also listening to the customer’s broad expectations.

4. Contributing ideas on possible machining processes and identifying the method that best suits the customer’s needs.

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