Van Bilsen Group: Cooperation

The mission of the Van Bilsen Group is ’People Partnership Production’. It is not without reason that Partnership – which at Van Bilsen means long-term cooperation – occupies the central position.

Broadly speaking, we as the Van Bilsen Group cooperate with a wide range of stakeholders:
- Our customers.
- And the customers of our customers.
- Employees within the various businesses that make up the Van Bilsen Group, and interaction between the various companies.
- Suppliers of metal, tooling, finishing, training and automation and temporary employment agencies and cleaning companies.
- Financial institutions: banks, accountants and (health care) insurers.
- Government (bodies): municipalities, fire brigade, the Employment Insurance Agency, AgentschapNL and the Tax Authorities.


Positive communication with all these parties is an essential element of guaranteeing the continuity of the Van Bilsen Group. To secure a good relationship in the long term, it must be actively maintained through clear and transparent communication. At times you must also be willing to reveal your weaknesses; after all, not everything goes right first time, even at the Van Bilsen Group.

We have no products of our own but instead are a knowledge-driven, technical services provider. We can only continue to exist if we are able to offer our customers excellent services at good value for money, and we can only offer those services if we retain well-trained, experienced and highly motivated craftsmen and technicians who work in a pleasant environment with supportive colleagues and good working conditions. Close cooperation with a range of suppliers means we can call in any facilities we do not have in house.

As a result, our relations are based on mutual trust, and all these parties remain linked together through open and honest communication.

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